Dear foreign friends
Wie zijn wij? | 28 April 2007 | 14:38:00
Dear foreign friends,
Welcome to our website. Probably you have met us during our vacation in Spain (walking the Camino to Santiago) or somewhere in of the countries we have been visiting in Asia and/or New Zealand.

Unfortunately most of the content of this site is written in Dutch. However, you can click around (e.g. at the categories on the left hand side), look at the photobook, watch the movies or just enjoy the pictures in between the text. Or even try to understand the Dutch a bit!
Our travelphoto's are on a different website, find it by clicking here.

It is likely that you visit this site to send us a message, and also for this you have come to the right place! You can send us an e-mail at or leave a message at the bottom of this log by clicking at “verzenden” .

We enjoyed meeting you and would love to receive a message from you!

Jessica en Reindert
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Hi :
How do you do in Thailand?
I got some bad fotos of our night in Ruitelan (before O Cebreiro)
How can I send them to you?

  door: Peter on the Camino
no web as you know
2007-05-02 20:09:53

For all non-dutch speaking readers: if you go to, you can translate this blog into english. It´s not 100% perfect, but at least you understand a little bit more of the nice stories from Asia!
Jessica en Reindert, ik lees regelmatig jullie site, leuk om te zien wat jullie allemaal doen. Veel plezier nog onderweg, geniet ervan. Want voor je het weet ben je weer thuis!
Groetjes vanuit Peru van Loes

  door: Loes
2007-06-01 22:41:06

Hi Jessica en Reindert  how are you doing there? Did you reach there safely but how was your outing in Africa? Am Turinawe Gyaviira whom you had long conversation at Amagara Internet Café


In Kabale Uganda how far with your program of developing the world? Is Jessica good and well what about your country’s men  let me to hear from you and this my email address though I gave it you :,or  


 My friend as we agreed to work hard  so as to achieve the goal of extending your services in our country that seems to be good so let me wish that every thing must be carried out in truthful way


So it gonna be great than ever   thank you hope hear from you.


    Yours Gyaviira Turinawe wishing you nice working time.


  door: 2009-08-10 07:06:25

In verband met de migratie naar een nieuw platform is het niet meer mogelijk reacties te geven op dit log. De beheerder van deze blog kan de verhuizing naar in gang zetten waarna het,zodra de verhuizing voltooid is, weer mogelijk wordt om te reageren.

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